Further back and faster

Gigi Robinson
EP, zine
movement memory time return

“There were great changes in my old home. The ragged nests, so long deserted by the rooks, were gone; and the trees were lopped and topped out of their remembered shapes.”

Throughout my life, I moved frequently from different homes and living situations. I was aware for a very long time of the value of place, and how your location can radically change your perception of the world. I also realized quite early that nostalgia, no matter how short the time is, can be powerful. Returning to places you once lived when the time has long passed can give a surreal feeling, and I wanted to explore that feeling. I began by wanting to return to my childhood home much like David, though I realized that there were far more places that I had memories of, so I have explored some of those locations again—physically, sonically, and visually, through my own artforms. Using recordings of things that resonate in my memory, I created musical pieces that capture my abstract feelings about these sounds.

Gigi Robinson is a junior at the University of Arizona, studying Applied Humanities with an emphasis in Public Health. She is a Tucson native, and is an experimental musician and artist.

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